Wheelchair dance union 'de Velpse (V)rijers' consists of 15 members and is originally located in Velp, near Arnhem in the Netherlands. We have electric wheelchair users and also members that use a hand driven wheelchair. The other members are walking dance partners. The ages differ from 19 to 70.

We take part to matches in all categories. We've experienced members (some of them are multiple Dutch champions) but also starters. The main goal of our union is, to explore the fun of wheelchairdancing. But of course it's also fun to compete with dancers of other unions, especially from other countries.

As we also think it's important to integrate the sport of wheelchairdancing as much as possible, we try to adhere to requests for demonstrations. Our group is headed by Nel van der Vegte and we exercise every Thursday evening from 18.15 to 21.00 in Arnhem.