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Holland Dance Spectacle 2018

We were present in Cuyk with Chantal, Marga, Marleen, Kevin and supporters. Marleen and Kevin were the first to get on the floor and they danced the stars of heaven. After their 2nd round, Henk and Nel took the turn for the senior duo and we also found it a good round. Then it was the turn of Chantal and Marga. Henk and Marleen also danced in the main class standard duo and that went well. After all the preliminaries were danced, it was final time. Marleen and Kevin, Nel and Henk and Marleen and Henk were allowed to dance finals, but there was no final for Chantal and Marga. Then it is waiting for the result and that takes a long time? .
The result was as follows:

Marleen and Kevin a very nice 2nd place
Marleen and Henk a nice 6th place
Nel and Henk a nice 1st place

Easter Sunday we (Henk and Nel) are present with 2 of us to dance the senior combi standard. We are both very calm and therefore start up cheerfully on the 1st lap, for us it went well and that was the most important thing. For the first time a purple dress that was made especially for me by Ray Bulpit and I get compliments from all sides about the color that is very good and comes out on the dance floor. Ray I can not thank you enough !! Also the 2nd round went well and for the rest of the day we have been chatting with many acquaintances and of course seen a lot of beautiful dances, but also couples we thought the running dancer would dance quite nicely but where is dancing together with your partner, we regret that because it's all about it. Nice on time was the prizepresentation and we have a beautiful 2nd place.



On February 3rd the 2nd FletcherCup danced, it was a nice day again, Chantal and Marga danced both in latin and in the standard the finals and a nice 3rd place in the latin and a nice 5th place in the standard. We Nel and Henk have danced in the seniors combi and duo standard and the showdance. In the combi we gained a 2nd place, in the duo a 4th place and in the showdance also a 2nd place. Marleen also danced with Henk but unfortunately just outside the final in a 7th place. Marleen also danced for the first time again in the D. Klasse combination with her new dance partner Kevin Fledderman, in this race she took a nice 3rd place away. Congratulations to all.


Today (December 9) the best match of the year danced in Oldenzaal. This morning we left early with heavy snow showers and at 8:30 we were in Oldenzaal. Unpacked the car and prepared us so that we could start the race calmly. Chantal, Marga and Arno were already present. Chantal and Marga finish the race with a round in the A class 1 latin. After that we -Henk and Nel-started the standard round of the first duo seniors. It all went well. After these rounds, Chantal and Marga were allowed to start the standard duo round and we standard to the combi seniors. In the meantime, Marleen and her mother Maria had also joined us. Very nice for Chantal was that her parents came to watch and stayed the whole match. Henk has danced with Marleen in the duo, and that went well too. It was a tiring, but great day with (obviously) good music. After this, the showdances followed on own music and for the first time we danced our new showdance on music by Gershwin.
The results are as follows:
Chantal and Marga duo latin 5th place
Chantal and Marga duo standard 6th place
Nel and Henk duo seniors standard 1st place
Nel and Henk combi seniors standard 2nd place
Nel and Henk freestyle showdance 2nd place
Henk and Marleen duo standard 1st place.

All in all a very good score, now no more games until next February in Steenwijk.
Congratulations to all of Nel and Henk.


Euregio tanzt 2017

The doors opened at 10 o'clock, a very nice hall with a nice floor. All dancers standing in the hall ready for marching and presenting all dancers. At 11.00 the day begins with an opening word by Juliana Pladek and a few others.
The introduce of the jury have been made and the contest can begin.
This is a very special contest with dancers with and without disabilities. This day, not only wheelchair dancers are on the floor, but also people with mental disabilities.
It was a wonderful day.
Today, we - Henk and Nel - would dance in the combi standard and in the team match. We had enrolled for the senior class. This became a mixed class, but with separate judging.
We also registered for the seniors duo but unfortunately there was none, so Henk only danced with Marleen in the main class duo standard.
It's a pity that there were so few duodansers present but yes, the stress is no less because you want to show the best of your ability.
After having seen some rounds of dancers with mental disabilities, Henk and Nel were in turn, this round went well and we wait for the 2nd round a while later, but there is a lot to see, among other things, a dance couple with mental disabilities who danced a dazzling discophox, what a fun that those 2 made, many dance couples can learn a lot of them.
Then the round for Marleen and Henk was in the duo, so it went well: up to the 2nd round.
But .... first there is time for coffee with pastries and what tasted that cake, it was with apple, raspberries and more. After this cake you did not have to eat anymore for the time being.
After the break, the contest continued, Henk and Nel danced their final round as well as Marleen and Henk.

After that, the team match would start and because one couple was out of our team, Henk and Nel danced 4 instead of 2 dances.
Even before the teammatch started, there was a very loud bang and, yes, Marleen her tire give that bang! Fortunately she did not have to dance again and took her ordinary daily wheelchair, so went over and watched and waited.
After the team match was a short break and then it was time for the results of all series. All the couples had to gather in the hall again and march / roll so that everyone stood around the floor. Henk and Nel had a nice third place and Marleen and Henk have a beautiful 1st place, Marleen was surprised because she had made some mistakes, said she herself, but yes, if you continue, it does not matter, but again.
With the team match we reached a shared 3rd / 4th place.

After the award ceremony, it was time to say goodbye and to dress, after all, again in the car and home.
At 7.30pm we were home again, packed bags and clothed in dancewear, ate a little bite on a bench or chair to see Strictly Come Dancing afterwards, the light went out and I wanted to go to bed, it was just 21.30 but Henk also had so it had time to bed in bed.
We had a very nice day together with Marleen and her parents, Miranda and Danny, Edwin and Mariette, Denise and Juul with their parents and also acquaintances from Germany Petra Eckhard with husband and daughter, very nice that anybody there, it is a long time ago we met them very often during the Musical in Germany.

Up to the next match on December 9 in Oldenzaal.

Greetings Henk and Nel


Holland Masters 2016

Last Saturday (Oct 8), have participated in a number of dancers from us at the Holland Masters in Steenwijk. In this open competition danced one couple in the combined standard and two couples in the duo Standard and Latin. It ended up being a very nice competition, with the following results:

Marga and Chantal (duo class) are - in the ballroom as in Latin - became 3rd.
Marleen and Nel (duo class) have -both in the ballroom as in Latin - won 2nd place.
Nel and Henk in the combi class have captured a first place!

Congratulations all!





Dens Gala 2015

Today danced a contest in Aalsmeer. We had to leave early because the hall was already 8:30 am and then the ice and snow with it makes everything more exciting. Nel actually had to stay in bed, because since late November she is sick, weak and nauseous.
But yes, dancing is good for you and perhaps a good medicine. But now once at home on the couch she notices that her energy level it is very low. So the next few days but just do very little. But still just about the competition, the first round was tough but the second round was fortunately well again and that resulted in a nice 3rd place, we are proud. The other dancers of Velp have done it again superb!

The results:

Marleen and Marga headclass duo 2 Latin 3rd

Marleen and Marga headclass duo 2 standard 4th

Miranda and Nikita Amateur duo one standard 1st

Nel and Henk headclass combi standard 2 3rd

Congratulations to all! Until next time again.


The end of the year 2014 cup in Putten

Also this year was a fight in Putten for the year-end places. Unfortunately, there were only two pairs of Velp. Miranda and Nikita improved themselves in this fight, but didn't make it to get into the final. We are sorry, but they again made a (personal) victory! Nel and Henk were allowed to compete in two competitions. First they fought with eight pairs for a spot in the final. It became a final, but a 6th place. In the senior class they were with two other couples (from the Netherlands and Germany) and here they were allowed to take the cup for first place. Fortunately, our call for a senior class also heard here in Putten! We are happy about it, because the more matches are organized, the sooner we may also receive this international recognition! Now to rest, celebrate New Year and again for the next contest!



(closed) Dutch Championships


On Saturday, June 1, the first (closed) Dutch Wheelchair Dance Championship held in Rosmalen. photo's

At 8:00 am we were at Miranda's house to leave from there to Rosmalen. It was quiet on the road and we were up at 8.50 am present at the venue.
It started to be full of dancers and at 10:00 Corrie opened the first (closed) NK and after that, it was the seniors turn, class 1 and 2 danced together on a small dance floor we were 5 couples on the floor but that was actually the maximum.
The first round did not go quite as we wanted but yes, it can happen. Soon begins the 2nd round and it was a lot better. After that came all the other dancers. And there were many.... in the duo and in combi. All the dancers from our group did well, though there was a lot of tension here and there. The 2nd round was better for everyone and everyone came in the final. At the end of the series, the (HIGH) classes A and B came at the start. Here, too, it all went not flawless, we were almost driven from the floor, but yes, we're let us not chase away quickly-not by anyone.
After all league dancers came as the award ceremony:
For anyone again an exciting moment. The result is below. We had a nice but very tiring day.
Too bad for the places 4,5 and 6, they didn't recieve received a medal, now there were dancers surely disappointed because: how can they make it known that they also danced a final.It might be an idea to make for them a certificat.

Ria of London was very emotional because this was the last competition with Miranda. In the new season Ria starts with Hennie Bruno. Miranda didn't drove back with us, because she went with Ria and Cor a moment to celebrate their last 3rd place.
For Emmy and Marije it was also the last competition, because Marije stops with dancing. Emmy is going to dance into the new season with Miranda.
For most dancers of the group is the competition season over. A few more lessons and they can hopefully going to enjoy a nice summer.
We will first have to Warsaw on 14 June and then we dance, during the opening of the European Championship wheelchair basketball in Germany in a formation with two couples from Germany, 1 couple of Malta and 1 couple of the Netherlands (us). This is cozy and beautiful. Then we go to Manchester, Marleen also goes to Manchester to dance for Belgium with Ann Dergeloo

We wish everyone a great summer and we start again on September 5.
We hope to see everyone. Again

The last lesson of this season is held on Thursday, June 27, Sandra has promised a pleasant evening of it because we are in Germany.

Greetings Nel and Henk

Chantal en Henny D-klasse duo 4e plaats
Miranda en Dagmar A-klasse combi standaard 3e plaats
Emmy en Marije A-klasse duo standaard 4e plaats
Emmy en Marije A-klasse duo Latin 6e plaats
Marleen en Marga A-klasse duo standaard 2e plaats
Marleen en Marga A-klasse duo Latin 2e plaats
Miranda en Ria A-klasse duo standaard 3e plaats
Nel en Henk Senioren standaard 1e plaats
Nel en Henk Hoofdkl A combi standaard 4e plaats



Link to the photo's



Saturday March 30 was again the largest wheelchair dance competition in the world: the WorldCup for the highest class and the open Dutch for all.
Super to be there with the Easter in the prospect to go. So much nationalities together, where you come from.
It started as always with the flag parade and this time there were representing 23 countries. After that various speakers, because this year is very special because the 25 episode of Brabant Danst.
After this, the competition will start with the D-class duo combi. We had 1 pair in the duo D-co 1 Chantal and Hennie Bruno. They have danced what they could and it went well. Then came Ria van London and Miranda, Miranda and Dagmar in the combi, Emmy and Marije and Marga and Marleen. At last it were Nel and Henk's turn for dancing in the highest class: the WorldCup.
Anyone tried everything that was learned to bring in practice and I think that it is quite successful except some blackouts.
Wait and see who is through to the semi-finals and who need a second chance to get there.
Hennie and Chantal dancing a rematch, as well as Ria and Miranda, Miranda and Dagmar, Nel and Henk also dance a second chance but this was as expected.
Then wait and see who is into the semi-final dance, Marga and Marleen in any case were already assured a semi-final place but also Miranda and Ria, Miranda and Dagmar and even Nel and Henk were allowed a semi-final dance. Very unfortunate, but for Hennie and Chantal was not feasible semifinal.
After that all the semi-finals were danced, for the most of us it was exciting, except for Nel and Henk because they knew already that a semi-final was the highest and this was their goal, because a lot of young dancers are in the highest class and they are dancing different, but the goal is achieved.
Marga and Marleen dancing finale but unfortunately it remained for everyone a beautiful semi-finals, I hope that everyone is happy and can have a nice Easter.

Results from Saturday, March 30.

Hennie and Chantal ---11th place debutants class 1
Marga and Marleen -----6th place A-class duo 2 standard
Miranda and Ria of L --12th place A-class duo 2 standard
Emmy and Marije -------7th place A-class duo 1 Latin
Miranda and Dagmar -10th place A-class combi 2 standard
Nel and Henk ---------10th place hoofdklasse, A combi 2 standard WorldCup

Day 2 Easter Sunday March 31.

Again present in Cuyk and again dancing on a beautiful day.
Emmy and Marije were right on time, then begins the ritual, the same as yesterday and the games begin. This day dancing Emmy and Marije in the standard 4 dances and Nel and Henk dancing in the senior class standard 5 dances.
Nel and Henk dancing a beautiful first round and Marije and Emmy also. Nel and Henk have 2 finals but Emmy and Marije have to wait and see if they can dance a semi-final or a second chance. They must first get a second chance dancing and then wait again. Nel and Henk begin their 2nd finals and it runs even better.
Marije and Emmy get into a semi-final dance and that's it, but the fight was today firmly.
Further, we enjoyed delicious dancing and after the awards ceremony we went home, because tomorrow must Nel and Henk to Rosmalen in order to have training for the formation dance with 5 pairs for the opening of the EK wheelchairbasketball in Frankfurt on 28 June.

Results Sunday, March 31:

Marije and Emmy 8th place A-class duo 2 standard
Nel and Henk 2nd place Senior Class 2 standard


The photo's of Malta are added to the report

Report 27 December 2012 "Christmas and New Year's Eve"

Around 16:00 the first troops were ready to make up our hall. Thinking about how the tables and chairs are set up and then to work, but soon turned out, however, that there Henk just feel for how it will all have wanted and it was so practically: all wheelchairs could also everywhere in between. After an hour, the whole hall becomes a cozy Christmas room, and we could wait until everyone started to come in. In no time the kitchen was filled with tasty snacks and drinks where most of us had anything taken. Our "DJ" brought back to pleasant music and there was also plenty of dancing. It was also nice that Anneloes a moment came with her 7 month old son Froy. After the coffee and delicious sweet snacks we collected all other drinks and forth, here too it was nice of feasted. After some lively music and dance was time for the raffle, everyone rushed to the table to see if what they had won. The time flew by and around 21:30 the first people started to go home. Slowly the troops already started some things to clean up, etc., and, as they say, many hands make light work. Even with cleaning Henk showed that there are tricks again. All in all everything was quickly cleared and everyone could in time back home. Thanks everyone for the delicious food and drinks! I say: again next year!!!
All very happy new year and swinging the new year again!!!


Wheelchair dance competition in Malta on 24 and 25 November.


22-23 november
24-25 november (The competitiondays)
26-27 november (trips to Gozo, Mdina, Mediterranea)
28-29 november (trips to Crafts village and Valetta)
30 nov-1 dec (last days)

On Wednesday, November 21 departed Ria, Cor, Miranda, Marga, Marleen, Maria, Ans, Henk and Nel from Dusseldorf to Malta.
At 11.10 am the plane would leave but that was 10 minutes later, at 14.20 we landed in Malta.
It was, as always, nice weather.
Pippa was waiting for us and asked Henk equal to or he could look into a broken wheelchair.
Tasty entrant, but well we understand also that the dancer who seat properly in the rats sat Henk has as good and as bad as it could be solved.
The first afternoon but equal water beaten and looked around at 18:00 quietly went to the restaurant for dinner and as always it was again very tasty.
After breakfast Thursday yet again as being walking in the sun and enjoy easy going.
Nel and Henk had a workout Thursday.
As agreed, we want every day we eat in the hotel at 18:00 at the table because then you have some in the evening.
Friday for everyone a quiet day and evening welcome reception, this was something different than hoped, but after a program secured to have a look who what and when to dance and then quiet the room look.
Saturday after breakfast was the preparation and clothing ready for laying at 12.00, the first bus to leave University Hall.
Everything was right on time and we were all on time in the hall. After Ria, Miranda, Marleen and Marga had danced it was time for the official opening with Michel Jackson dance. Nice, but it went a bit messy. Then it was the turn of Nel and Henk to dance, it was nice but unfortunately not into the final.
Miranda and Ria were 5th and Marga and Marleen 4th.
The day was over and we can not recall it ever been on time.
On to the hotel, take a shower and go to bed because there follows a second day.
Sunday, November 25th danced alone Marleen and Marga in the duo A standard, so for Miranda, and Henk Nel was sit and watch. Ria and Cor were at the hotel remained.
The second day of the opening, but this time everything went well, even the dance.
Marleen and Marga were 3rd in the standard duo.
Weather was just in time past, and we went to the hotel. Too tired to go to the bar, so here sitting on the balcony and then to bed.
Delicious: Monday, November 25, we can enjoy the vacation, we agreed on Tuesday to a day out.
The bus was at 09.00 hours and that brought us to Gozo, this time were also Bart, Jan Postulart, Ger and Zandwijk Joke of the party.
Very nice day and nice places seen and show.
Wednesday, November 28 Marleen went, Mary and Ans back home, they were picked up at 04.00 hrs at the hotel and Miranda and Marga were so tough for them to wave, this was greatly appreciated.
We spent the rest of the week some trips by public transport made, together with the others.
And then it was quickly Saturday and Sunday we had to get up so early because our bus was at 04.00 am ready to take us to the airport.
At the airport we met a clerk who clearly suffered from a morning mood but everything worked out fine and we are also one piece arrived in the Netherlands.
First unpack and nothing more because we have had it.
To bed early because before the alarm went Henk on Monday just to 05.45 hours.

It was a very nice holiday and we still enjoy a bit of.
Now for the other dancers to Dalfsen and Henk and Nel to Bratislava, leaving very early Friday morning to drive to Slovakia.

Thank you all and on this place a very merry Christmas and a Swinging Old and New.

Greetings Nel and Henk.


Venlo dances without borders 2012:


It happened again, the annual wheelchair dance competitions and also Benelux Championships in Venlo.
At 07:15 PM, we (Henk and Nel) get Miranda to take her to Venlo. Since Miranda also lives in Ede it's a small effort.
Miranda was ready and Henk helped her into the car and we were on our way to Venlo.
We already knew that we have to dance about 13:00 hours, but for the other dancers in the group, it is also nice if we already are there. So we were early in Venlo to pick up the cards.
This time there were only 3 pairs of the Group entered into the competition.
On Marije and Inge This time the honour to begin. The first round went well and they were good thinking about the homework.
At the end of the morning around 11.10 am, Ria and Miranda had their first round annd it also went well.
Because there were no large groups did both pairs only 2 finals to dance.
In our group , we had a preliminaries, a rematch and the finals,since instead of 7, 9 pairs were present.
The first round was not great. It was very crowded on the floor, we were already thinking about the re-round, so this was no surprise. Then began the wait, we took for granted that we wouldn't have a final dance, since quite a lot of young couples on the floor were and maybe we 60 + maybe less would stand.
It was a big surprise that our number was called, it didn't penetrate all the way through to Henk because he was thinking that we have another number.
So I pulled him around the floor.
After the surprise was gone, we danced the stars of heaven.
After our final, which the matches ended, began nearly equal the awards ceremony, here are the results.

Marije - Inge 3rd place
Ria - Miranda 3th place
Nel - Henk 5th place

We enjoyed a fine match and were completely satisfied. Photos made by Cor!

On to the next competition on December 15 in Dalfsen, Henk and Nel are not present but there will be someone, so that everything will be okay.

Greetings Nel and Henk


PAPENDAL October 6, 2012


On Saturday, October 6 was again the annual contest at Papendal.
This time would be of the Velp (V) rijers 4 pairs with dancing, 3 pairs in the duo and 1 pair in the combi.
Early on we were present, from 09.30 could the cards already taken off, and you'd also like to see a nice spot to grab.
Always a party with the G-dancers in action, what a pleasure.
At 13.10 hours, the wheelchair dancing with the duo class in latin, samba, cha cha, rumba and paso doble, in this series were 10 pairs along.
Emmy with Marga, Miranda with Ria and Inge with Marije. Especially for the latter it was very exciting because this is actually too high, but a challenge.
Thursday 4 October, all these pairs have any advice received and homework, watch, put some tension in your body and yes everyone has taken this to heart but Marije, what a difference that made!
After the duo we had, Nel and Henk, on the floor for the combi contest, to this were 15 pairs so it be tough to get through it. The combi couples danced successively Slow waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz and Quickstep. For us it was very tasty and we had a good feeling about it.
On the reruns, now first had the combi pairs on the floor but to our surprise we were passed on to the semifinals. After the jump for the duo combi pairs and all 3 couples had a rematch dancing but that was as expected.
Then the semi-finals, the first time we went back combo and very tasty, then it was the turn of the duo and Marga and Emmy and Ria and Miranda were a semi-final dance, unfortunately fell Inge and Marije just outside the semi-finals.
In the final it was exciting, now first duo pairs Emmy and Marga were allowed a final dance unfortunately fell now and Ria Miranda off.
After the duo was the turn of the combi and yes we were the final dance, a great feeling because with so much young talent and then we as quite elderly, were allowed through.
The prize ceremony came just behind the finals. The result is given below
Duo class:
Marga and Emmy 7th place
Miranda and Ria 8th place
Inge and Marije 9th place.

Combi class: Nel and Henk 6th place

Now prepare for the competition in Venlo, it is already on 20 October.

Greetings Nel and Henk

Photos Papendal 2012

Wheelchair dance competition in Wiesbaden on 29 September 2012.

On Friday, September 28th we went in good spirits on the way to Frankfurt. First we picked Miranda at 10:15 and then through a gas station near Oosterbeek where Ria and Cor were waiting to Dagmar in Arnhem and then proceed to Frankfurt.
Everything went very well and no file kept us from so we were right on time in Frankfurt, it was already 14:30.
Checked into the hotel, unpack drink and all other guests such as Pippa, Margaret and Leona said goodbye to have, we went for a walk, the weather was super.
On the way back was a bit heavy with Ria rolling yes because she had forgotten her push handles so she had to do it themselves.
Henk saw it very difficult went so drove me to the chair of Ria her chair so I could take a little while could push.

Return to the hotel to freshen up and go to the restaurant, since it was already 20:00 and stomachs began to rattle properly.
Unfortunately we had to wait half an hour before the soup came through but no one who wanted soup had to wait much longer because first had the soup.
Then finally the main course and we had begun by to give what we wanted, fish or meat.
Dagmar, Ria, Nel wanted meat and that was the first on the tables, then it was the turn of the fish, but our table was like one of the last of the fish and yes Henk and Miranda had their plate for itself but still Cor not.
Then came the high word out, unfortunately Cor no fish for you because it is on, so how can that be, we have to order well in advance and now it's still on, big disappointment at Cor but yes, but meat. There were other people who wanted to fish but for them it was on, this was not quite settled.
By now it was 22:00 before and we went on the beds look was enough.
The next day after a pretty good night we sat (Nel and Henk) at 7:00 am for breakfast. Delicious on time, so we had plenty of time to us to prepare for the match.
At 9.00 we left for Wiesbaden.
Beautiful on time so we could visit a nice place for all of us to sit together.
The competition for Dagmar and Miranda in the combi started at 11.15 and they danced the night away, was on Dagmar just flirting with one of the jury members, yeah bribery!!
The second round followed soon and this time it was good, Dagmar was thus also finished dancing and could enjoy the rest of the day all at ease viewing game without stress.
When were Ria and Miranda turn Ria and I have never seen so nervous, but it went well, the jive was not so bad.
Their second round came quickly back and this time you saw clearly the stress in all two but it went well.
We (Nel and Henk) were only at 15.45 and turn ohhhhhhhhh what took that day but once on the floor, it went like a rocket. Everything was as we had hoped and we were therefore 100% satisfied.
The second round was about fifteen minutes later and it went round to your liking, then waiting for the prize ceremony.
Below are the results:


Dagmar Miranda Combi 1st place

Miranda Ria Duo A 4th place

Henk Nel Combi A league 3rd place.

We were all very pleased with these results.

After the ceremony, the tables put ready for the party, this time there was a lot of work done by the dancers of the group from Frankfurt, all the food was made by these people and there was enough fun to make, a buffet in a very different style, no restaurant food but food like home, very nice and very tasty.

After dinner we went back to the hotel where we (Nel and Henk) just under the shower appeared and the others also went just freshen up, below to go to the bar to socialize the day to close.
At 22.00 I was (Nel) absolutely fed up and went to bed together with Henk. Ria, Cor, Miranda and Dagmar are equally remained but went not to bed very late.
Sunday morning we have breakfast because we sit quietly (Nel and Henk) had a discussion with Andrea, Jean Marc, Alex, Jaqueline, Birgit, Reiner and Pippa at 11:00.
At 12.45 pm we were back at the hotel to others to pick up and go home, unfortunately, there are a few traffic jams but we were still at 18.15 back home.
It was a fantastic weekend.

Greetings Nel and Henk


21-04-2012 and 22-04-2012 Open Belgian Championship.

On Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 april the Open Belgian Championship was held in Lommel.
Nel and Henk were present Saturday for the combi and duo standard League 2.
Henk was not very well, actually a bit ill but went out anyway.
We won in the combi a nice 6th place and in the duo a nice 2nd place.
Fortunately they did not drive back home, because they had a nice hotel booked in Leende, half an hour from Lommel.
On Sunday, they went again direction Lommel and Henk was still not good. Today came also Miranda and Ria with Cor in Lommel.
We came almost simultaneously by the nice, big Souverijnhal.
Everything ran quiet again. Nel and Henk today had to only the main class duo latin 2, Ria and Miranda danced their first duowedstrijd in the A-class 2.
It went well and they won a nice 4th place while Nel and Henk won a nice 2nd place.
Completely satisfied we all went back home, a little further with daily things and recover, preparing for the contest in Rheinsberg which the weekend of 28-29 april would take place.

Photos of Lommel: Are here

29-04-2012 Contest in Rheinsberg-Germany.

On Friday 27 april departed Nel, Henk, Miranda and Dagmar to Rheinsberg.
It's far driving, so we departed at 8:00 hours at Dagmar’s house in Arnhem in order then to arrive at 16.00 in Rheinsberg.
The trip went smoothly with what delays here and there by the busy traffic.
Once in Rheinsberg, we have our rooms looked up, and packed out the suitcase/bag. After that we are exploring hotel.
Dagmar found it a very luxury hotel. We - Nel, Henk, Miranda - were there already been once, so for us it was familiar territory.
On our beds we found the format for the contest from Saturday 28 april and what nice, we have the whole Saturday free! The contest starts at 7 p.m. and the Hall goes open at 6 p.m.
Very fine, that extra free time. Also it was still wonderful weather.
We are going to walk a bit around and have an ice cream eaten at an ice cream shop, which can prepare more than 365 flavors ice cream -for anyone who wants to.
Henk took an ice cream with tomato flavor, but the tomato taste was far away, like my cherry ice cream, Dagmar had more luck with her tropical ice cream. Yes, and I do not know of Miranda, but I believe more flavor, she had red fruits.
After that, we each went our own way.
We did go to bed for a while, Miranda and Dagmar have sit their balcony this was clearly visible because they started there is already a bit like lobsters.
We had ordered a lunch box instead of a dinner, since we had no time (and meaning) in the evening to go dine. The package was a lot, we could almost eating of it 2 days.
We went to the Hall at 6 p.m. We had the table with Alex and Jaqueline and Mandy and Steve from Malta.
We had 2 finals to dance and it went nicely.
Miranda and Dagmar also went very well. Later they had a beautiful glass trophy: 1st place!
We eventually took the 5th place.
Then there was still a raffle and it took very long but in the end we were all on our room back again just before midnight.
Going to bed and the next morning took a shower, because we had no more energy.
Sunday morning we went to the breakfast at 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. departed back to the Netherlands.
Everything went smoothly and after 2 stops we first dropped Dagmar in Arnhem and then Miranda in Ede and after that, we went home.
At 7 p.m. we were at home, suitcase out of the car> After that sitting and eating some soup.
Early to bed and then tomorrow 30 april Queen's day, no plans only doing nothing....
These were almost the last competitions for the summer break. Only on the 1 July in Manchester.

Greetings, Nel and Henk

Foto's van Rheinsberg: Are here


Full of dismay, we have heared that at age 45, Josee Hoornaar has died in her sleep. We wish her family and friends much strength with this loss ...




Gladly, there was a dance contest in Wijchen again this year and we were present with a number of couples.
We were early and therefore could also right inward, the work could begin.
Start filling in numbers, stick booklets, etc
Just try the floor and we could at least start, ………… but..
Henk and Nel were called at Corrie van Hugten. There was a small problem, in the duo standard we would start with 3 couples, but by different circumstances we were the only pair in that class!
There was some consultation and it was decided that Henk and Nel would dance without numbering at the A-class but did have the first place in the duo standard.

Today there were 4 new pairs in the duo class and 1 new pair in the combi class.
The new couples were:
In the duo d-kl 1 Chantal and who has danced with Dagmar today for the first time, Marije and Inge went today for the first time in the duo D-kl 2 while they had practiced together only 3 times, last in the duo danced Melissa with Hennie B, this because Rita indicated last Thursday not to be able to dance. Hennie and Melissa had not yet practiced together so this was also a jump in the deep end! Nikita came as the last new couple with Corry to the start in the D-kl 1.
In the combi D-kl 2 Dagmar with Miranda danced their first match.
So all these dancers were therefore very glad that she had danced in the semi-finals, like all other couples of the group.
It was exciting to wait because.....who will go to the finals?
Eventually there came 6 pairs in the final and the result where as follow:

D-klasse 1 duo Chantal en Dagmar 2nd place
D-klasse 1 duo Hennie B en Melissa 7th place
D-klasse 1 duo Nikita en Corrie v.d.S 12th place
D-klasse 2 duo Miranda en Ria 3rd place
D-klasse 2 duo Marije en Inge 7th place
D-klasse combi 2 Miranda en Dagmar 2nd place
A-klasse duo1 Latin Emmy en Marga 2nd place
A-klasse duo 2 latin Carmen en Marleen 2nd place
A-klasse duo 2 standaard Carmen en Marleen 6th place
Hoofd-klasse B duo 2 Nel en Henk 1st place
Hoofd-klasse A combi 2 Nel en Henk 5th place

All in all a very nice result, now we're going to work hard for the Dutch Open in Cuyk!!

Photos of Wijchen Swingt

Greetings, Nel and Henk van der Vegte


The 2012 dancecalender is available Click here


Everybody can dance in the Lucent dancetheater in the Hague.

It was a great experience to dance in a dancetheater. That we still got our positive criticism dance of four topchoreografen (Koen Brouwers, Euvgenia Parakhina, Roemjana de Haan and Peter Bosveld) was totally awesome. The day perfect forward secrecy (organized by the Dirk Kuyt Foundation) was commented by Irvine and Corrie. It was great to see with how much passion the people showed their/our sports on the stage. Click for photos at the following link: Photos the Hague
We were of course great transported by Theo, of the firm Besseling! Everything was back to detail and both the people of Arnhem/Velp as those in Tiel were full of praise!


Sad News.

On Sunday 20 november is quiet and calm Katja Bakers died after a brief illness.
Katja was 42 years.
Katja is on Friday 25 november brought to her final resting place in Voorburg.
We will keep reminding her as a happy dancer.